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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Translation question "de" regarding German Xara X

The Rosetta interface is still available here :

I'm not sure to understand what you're waiting for to re-enable the
translation interface... I fear it will be difficult to get the CA
signed by all the people involved in the different translations...
Have you some plans ?

Séverin aka Skadge

2006/6/8, Neil Howe <NeilH@xxxxxxxx>:

> Charles Moir schrieb:
> > Once we have signed CA, I think Neil can open the Rosetta project
> > you (or anyone else that wants to contribute to the German - or any
> > other language).
> >
> > If you have questions or problems about using Rosetta or translation
> > system generally then please post them here to the dev mail list,
> > they should get answered pretty quickly.
> >
> I actually prefer to use SVN (to get the current .po file)* and send
> from time to time po file diffs rather than using rosetta.
> [With SVN I mean both the template file* as well as the translated
> Regarding https://launchpad.net/products/xaralx/+translations, I
> their interface, the .pot file is rather old (0.4, including some & ->
> &amp; problems, if I recall correctly). If needed, I'm willing to use
> it, though.

Right now the Xara LX project in Rosetta is disabled because we need to
setup a mechanism that makes sure that translators sign the CA before
they contribute to a translation. Once this is setup it will be enabled
again and then it will be the preferred way of working on a translation,
because it allows multiple translators to work on the same translation
together easily. And of course the .pot file will be updated to the
latest when it's enabled again.

In the meantime just use SVN directly as you suggest.