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[XaraXtreme-dev] Debugging information on net build

There seems to be some problem with debugging information on the net
build (see e.g. bug 1160) or the autopackage variant thereof.

When I build a retail build, then cause it to SEGV by doing
 killall -SIGSEGV XaraLX
it correctly produces debugging info (select "View" of the xml
debug report and look at lines 42 and below, you should see

But people like the reported concerned don't seem to have any
debug info at all. I expect autopackage & friends may be stripping
it out (which is unhelpful of them).

Would someone like to try the above on the retail build from the
build server? And an autopackage install thereof?

It's a bit of a pain if we can't debug bugs like 1160 ("Doesn't
start on Ubuntu Dapper").