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RE: Linking and Libraries (was [XaraXtreme-dev] Re: Success)

OK, I see.

This shouldn't be a problem - we should be able to set up a Target in
Xcode to build wxXtra that avoids the dependency on camtypes.pch. In
fact it may be best to make separate Targets for all of the source
folders, then create an Aggregate Target to pull the results together.


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> Phil Martin wrote:
> > Alex: Why do you say that its /necessary/ for wxXtra to be 
> built as a 
> > separate library?
> For two reasons:
> * Licensing (see above)
> * Technical - Ben seems to say that in XCode you have to 
> share the same
>    pch between all object files. wxXtra must not have the camelot pch
>    included.
> Alex