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[XaraXtreme-dev] Mac Developer

We have a Mac developer who will be actively working on the Xara LX port to the Mac for the next 4 weeks starting today. His name is Tudor Ursa and he’s just joined this mail list so that he can keep us updated with his progress and so that his work can be guided by the community.


The goal is to end up with a 0.5 Mac binary that we can distribute, which is as functional and stable as the Linux version.  And also finish an XCode project along with step by step build instructions that will enable any Mac developer to quickly build and start working on LX. Tudor only has access to a PPC Mac for this work.


Ben – I know you’ve been quite actively working on the XCode project recently, so can you give us a quick reminder of where you are with it for Tudor’s benefit?  And the current state of the Mac Xara LX. Perhaps it would make sense for you to check in what you have or provide a copy directly to Tudor?


Hopefully we can now make some real progress on the Mac in the next few weeks.