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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Mac Developer

On 28/06/06, Neil Howe <NeilH@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
[ snip ]

Ben – I know you've been quite actively working on the XCode project
recently, so can you give us a quick reminder of where you are with it for
Tudor's benefit?  And the current state of the Mac Xara LX. Perhaps it would
make sense for you to check in what you have or provide a copy directly to

1. XCode project - I think that this has not been touched since the
first week in June. The last major ''bridge to cross" was linking with
libxml. All this is documented on the Dev list.

2. Mac Xara LX - Using the methods on the build page, this will
compile link and run.

3. I have a few patches to the code needed for the Mac version, but
not with me today. Really there is nothing that it is a show stopper.

4. Assuming that the plan is have an XaraLX-Personal.xcodeproj at
Gaddesden Place, then I would be happy to mail mine to anyone who
wants it; I don't (yet) have experience in producing patches for the
project.pbproj files that work.

I realise that I can't prove the my next remark, but I do assure you
that if I had a signifcant patch, I would post about it or attach it
to Bugzilla; and you are safe to assume that my silence in fact maens
that there are not major problems in getting Mac Xara LX up and
running, not that I suspect that anyone trying would be eaten by bears
like the children who mock of the prophet Elisha:
http://www.drones.com/wodehouse/ .

A hearty welcome to Tudor, and best wishes to all concerned.