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[XaraXtreme-dev] Abort on arrow keypress

When I press an arrow key (either to nudge an object or to move the 
cursor in a text object) XaraLX aborts with a SIGSEGV. This always 
happens in release builds, but not in debug builds. The abort happens 
in Spread::FindActiveLayer at node.h:1137 but also at other places 
inside this routine. It appears that the this pointer of the 
FindActiveLayer method call is invalid. The caller is 

Interestingly, in a debug build, Spread::FindActiveLayer is not even 
called when handling an arrow key, neither when nudging an object nor 
when moving the cursor.

So, something is seriously wrong with the program flow earlier on, but 
only in release builds.

This is with the current svn version (1381), build on SUSE 10.0 using 
gcc 4.02.