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[XaraXtreme-dev] XCode - built Mac Version will not display wxXtra SplashScreen

Looking at http://downloads.xara.com/opensource/doxygen/html/advsplash_8cpp-source.html
note that at line 36

00036 wxAdvSplashScreen::wxAdvSplashScreen(const wxBitmap& bitmap,
long splashStyle, int milliseconds, wxWindow* parent, wxWindowID id,
const wxPoint& pos, const wxSize& size, long style):
00037     wxFrame(parent, id, wxEmptyString, wxPoint(0,0), wxSize(100,
100), style)

The constructor call the wxFrame constructor. This seems to set off a
race in which the main window decides that splash screen needs to be
taken down, and this destroys the Splash bitmap.

The wxAdvSplashScreen tries to clone this bitmap by incrementing the
m_refData, which, the latter's now being an invalid pointer, causes an

Am I talking nonsense?

Is this Mac only? If so, why?