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[XaraXtreme-dev] Colour editor

Alex you'll be glad to know that I think the colour editor is not fixed
and seems to work in a predictable and reliable manner for me.
It's a bit large by default, and can't go smaller (i.e. more narrow). So
I'd make a few suggestions as to allow it to go smaller.
- We could remove the 'limit to web browser palette' button on the basis
that (a) it doesn't work and (b) it's not useful any more. (no one runs
fixed palette 8-bit screens any more)
- The colour name field is slightly wider than necessary. The widest
colour name 'Green-SpringGreen' wouldn't matter if it were cropped a few
characters more (and presumably it could one of those wider drop down
menus where the drop-down is wider than the field). Actually I note the
text is not cropped anyway and goes outside of the name field if you
select Green-SpringGreen.
- Or we move the eye dropper to below the 2 colour patches, which is a
better place for it anyway (and there's a gap), but I gather you said
that was more work.

PS Alex anything you need for tomorrow's Linux event you're appearing
at? Demo files or whatever?  We're giving it a plug in the Xara
newsletter we're about to send out, telling people you're there.