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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Colour editor


Charles Moir wrote:
Alex you'll be glad to know that I think the colour editor is not fixed
and seems to work in a predictable and reliable manner for me.

Is fixed? Or is not fixed?

It's a bit large by default, and can't go smaller (i.e. more narrow). So
I'd make a few suggestions as to allow it to go smaller.

I'm afraid I used a little bit of a shortcut in that it was very helpful
that the minimum width of the colour editor in advanced mode was also
its default size in normal mode. If possible, I'd like to keep that
convenient relationship. But it looks like not!

- We could remove the 'limit to web browser palette' button on the basis
that (a) it doesn't work and (b) it's not useful any more. (no one runs
fixed palette 8-bit screens any more)

I could stick it down in the advanced panel pretty easily.

- The colour name field is slightly wider than necessary. The widest
colour name 'Green-SpringGreen' wouldn't matter if it were cropped a few
characters more (and presumably it could one of those wider drop down
menus where the drop-down is wider than the field). Actually I note the
text is not cropped anyway and goes outside of the name field if you
select Green-SpringGreen.

That extra space was for my convenience (see above) rather than

- Or we move the eye dropper to below the 2 colour patches, which is a
better place for it anyway (and there's a gap), but I gather you said
that was more work.

Yep. It really depends how small you want it by default.

PS Alex anything you need for tomorrow's Linux event you're appearing
at? Demo files or whatever?  We're giving it a plug in the Xara
newsletter we're about to send out, telling people you're there.

Neil gave me a zip file with the demos he did in Lyon and I was planning
to use those. It's a 45 minute presentation (including Q&A) so given
the other stuff I'm putting in, it's probably about 10-12 mins of

It's the UKUUG thing, if anyone else on the list is thinking of going.