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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] New Ruler functions

In message <E475F2B1-4983-418B-8192-E5E9434606D5@xxxxxxxx>
          Phil Martin <phil@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> So I'm thinking about a simpler idea, with no new stored
> state, that would let the current tool claim individual ruler mouse
> events if it uses them. The current tool could choose to claim all,
> some or no ruler mouse events. If the current tool doesn't claim a
> ruler mouse event then that event will be sent on to the guideline code.

Yes, that is exactly what I had in mind, too.

> In other words, we would create a new virtual function in the Tool
> class with this prototype:
>         virtual BOOL OnRulerClick(DocCoord, ClickType, ClickModifiers,
> Spread*);
> It means that OILRuler and/or Ruler will have a similar set of
> routines for converting mouse events into OnRulerClick calls as
> CCamView and DocView have for OnClick which is a bit tedious, but not
> a problem.
> Does that sound OK?


> Regarding rendering new markers on the ruler: The OILRuler classes
> will either have to implement new functions to draw specific markers
> and make those functions available to the Kernel code or they could
> make more general drawing functions available to the Kernel and let
> the tool use them to draw different types of marker. I guess the
> former is more straightforward but this is up to you really.

It might be easiest to use bitmap markers, then we only need a single 
routine to plot a given bitmap at a given ruler position and the 
markers can be changed easily.