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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Some Contributions


--On 31 May 2007 19:36 -0400 JLM <jsado_sc5@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 void CamArtProvider::Draw(wxDC& dc, const wxRect & rect, ResourceID
Resource, CamArtFlags Flags, const wxString &text)  {
-	dc.SetBrush(wxSystemSettings::GetColour(wxSYS_COLOUR_3DFACE));
+	dc.SetBrush(wxSystemSettings::GetColour(wxSYS_COLOUR_BTNFACE));

Have you tested changes like the above on the default theme? If so,
do they make a difference? If they do, I suspect there might be
some "resistance" here; it would be really helpful if you could
post a screenshot of before and after the fixes under your theme,
so we can weigh the gains there against any loss elsewhere. I think
it is worth addressing what are perceived now as "odd" themes as who
is to say the next (say) Ubuntu theme won't be similarly "odd", but
we need to ensure that current themes aren't broken too much.

Re the WX 2.8 stuff, it seems there are some classname changes (e.g.
wxFrameManager to wxAuiManager, wxPaneInfo to wxAuiPaneInfo). Given
the two "approved" compilation methods are against 2.6 (which doesn't
have wxAUI in, and thus uses wxAUI from the wxXtra directory) and
(per your changes) against 2.8, I think it would probably be better
to apply a good dose of sed to wxXtra and simply change all instances
of wxFrameManager to wxAuiManager and wxPaneInfo to wxAuiPaneInfo. This
would eliminate the need to scatter the code with #ifdef's, although
obviously the code would need to be changed (once) to use the new
names. WDYT? Can you rework those bits?

Out of interest, how extensively have you tested 2.8? I got 2.7 working
pretty reliably at some point so I think it should be OK. It's normally
the stuff we forward ported (wxAUI, combos etc.) that have potential
associated problems. Still, having it compile at all is better than

I understand Charles has received your signed CA. If you can rework
the 2.8 stuff as per above (unless there is some huge flaw I
haven't seen) I'll apply that at the w/e (I take it the patches
work OK separately); I'll have a go seeing what visible changes the
other stuff makes on Ubuntu too.