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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Mac Developer

Phil Martin wrote:

Hi Tudor,

I created the Xcode project in SVN. (Have you managed to get that? If
not I'll email you a copy.) I made it available even though I knew it
didn't work entirely (on an Intel Mac) as a basis for other people to
develop further.

I didn't succed to connect to the SVN yet, so I'll be hapy if you send me a copy of your project.

Only wxXtra needs to be built using a separate target. The other folders
could be if it makes building more efficient.
I was building wxWidgets as a static library.

BTW: I can also send you my modified wxWidgets xcode project file if you
like - I added a Unicode target, which Camelot needs.
Yes, that could be usefull too, thank you.