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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Mac Developer


I focused on the XCode project, and try to make a build and I have some
questions to you.
wxWidgets should be built and used as static library?

Up to you - whatever is easiest I would suggest. On Linux, the debug version
by default a dynamic linked version, and the release version can use
either (AIUI).

I think wxOil and wxXtra should be separate build targets. Do you think
it would be a good idea to work in that direction?

wxXtra certainly needs to be built as a separate build target, different
precompiled headers etc.

You could build the rest (wxOil, Kernel, Tools) either as one target,
or as three separate ones. What happens on Linux is they are 3 separate

Clearly there has to be something that links them all together in the