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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Text on path indents

Martin said:

> In word processors, 
> this is often shown on the ruler by having a a white 
> background between the physical margins and a grey background 
> everywhere else. If we were to do that we would have to have 
> a method for tools to render something on the ruler *before* 
> the main ruler is drawn but after the solid ruler background 
> has been drawn (the latter may be drawn by the toolkit anyway?).

Yes I like this. I would make it doubly obvious that the ruler they are
looking at was the text ruler and not the page ruler.  This probably
impacts on Phil's area though.

> It would also be good to have some way of moving the right 
> hand margin to coincide with the physical margin, maybe using 
> a double click on the blob?

Less worried about that feature to be honest.