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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Text on path indents

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          Alex Bligh <alex@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> When reading this I somehow cannot help thinking that there must be a
>> misunderstanding.
> So for clarification...
>> There are no "other" ruler blobs. There are the text on path indent
>> blobs and there are ruler blobs (namely 4 types of tab stops plus
>> left/right and first line indent blobs).
> ... I was talking about showing these (the 4 types of tab stops, first
> and left line etc.), the same place as the indent blobs are currently
> shown, i.e. below the first line of text, as well as on the ruler,
> so you could see the tabs stops along a curve.

OK, I was wondering for a moment whether you thought that the physical 
and ruler margins were the same thing.

>> These are completely different things with different scopes (whole
>> story as opposed to paragraph) so there is no reason why they should
>> be displayed together.
> ... and they would clearly have to change depending on where the
> caret was in that story. It's not that I want them together, it
> was so you can see where a tabstop is on a curve (or rotated
> text).

The problem is that this might look rather cluttered, in particular 
with text descenders. Even worse with multi-line text.

>> The text on path indent blobs are just like the text frame handles in
>> a DTP program. These handles are never shown on the ruler bar, for
>> good reasons.
> Sure, though as you said in your previous message, it would be good
> to have them represented in a read-only way on the ruler so you
> can set tabs relative to them. Otherwise it makes it kind of hard
> to set a useful right tabstop.

Yes, I think this is pretty essential. In word processors, this is 
often shown on the ruler by having a a white background between the 
physical margins and a grey background everywhere else. If we were to 
do that we would have to have a method for tools to render something 
on the ruler *before* the main ruler is drawn but after the solid 
ruler background has been drawn (the latter may be drawn by the 
toolkit anyway?).

It would also be good to have some way of moving the right hand margin 
to coincide with the physical margin, maybe using a double click on 
the blob?