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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Text on path indents

> > Perhaps the tab stops and left/right/first-line story 
> margins should 
> > snap to eachother, and to the left/right physical margins. 
> Snapping is 
> > going to be pretty essential anyway as there is nothing 
> more annoying 
> > than not being able to easily set the first line margin to 
> an indented 
> > story margin.
> Yes, though the latter could be achieved easily by 
> double-clicking on the first line indent blob. 
> Double-clicking on the left margin blob could reset it to the 
> origin. So, for all three blobs, it would reset them to their 
> standard positions. Anyway, just an idea. Alternatively, 
> double-clicking on any blob could also open the numeric 
> editing dialogue box with this blob selected ready for editing.

I like these suggestions.

I think snapping to each other is quite important. Especially the 1st
line margin to the left margin - in fact they are usually linked to each
other in many packages.

Do we get any snapping for free when dragging on the ruler. I would have
though you'd get grid and perhaps guideline snapping for free. I think
people would expect that would they not?

> > Is there going to be some way to enter these numerically? Or say "I 
> > want tabs every inch"?
> Eventually yes, but probably not for the next release.
My suggestion was to add it to the guidelines numeric dialog (one of the
most hidden features in Camelot. Right click on ruler and select Guide
layer properties). This already has UI for numerically setting
guidelines. Might riding on the back of this save some work?