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[XaraXtreme-dev] 0.6 Release

We’re aiming for a 0.6 stable release early next week, so as usual please refrain from checking in any big unnecessary changes that may destabilise Xara LX, until the release is out.


Alex is completing the first version of printing support ready for this release. Once he’s ready we’ll be asking people on the list to test this for us.


In Bugzilla, all P1 issues need to be fixed before the 0.6 release. And we should knock off some P2 issues too if we can.


Developers – if you’ve not got your hands dirty on LX yet, now is a good time to pick a bug or 2 in bugzilla.xara.com and have a go at fixing them. That’s the best way to start getting involved. Those bugs assigned to bugzilla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx are waiting for someone to adopt them, but if you fancy any that have someone’s name against them they can always be re-assigned!