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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Text on path indents

> I think you are missing my point. I know exactly why you 
> changed the defaults. However, when the colour picker first 
> went in, you said it was doing wrong things when it selected 
> the colour model.

Did I?  I'm getting old and confused you know.

> Re the off-topic bit: well you can't remove the ability (at 
> least in a professional version)

Well I know this really, but it's something that should be there for the
advanced users, and should not get in the way of the normal users.
Unfortunately it does get in their way too much right now.

> equally unfortunately RGB is sadly useful for web usage
Not sure I agree with that. RGB values are useful but that's why we
added them to the HSV picker. But there are very, very few people that
can understand RGB colour pickers. As I was saying on the TG forum, say
you have a orange colour and you want to make it more red. How many
people will understand you have to drag *green* slider to make it more

> I think though perhaps we should provide some sort of dialog 
> that pops up when they first select CMYK which gives them a 
> short exam on colour science, and only allow them to proceed 
> once they have attained full marks :-)
Yep that's the answer.

>  From page 141 of the current manual:
> "...
> If you do not want the text to wrap to a new line, SHIFT+click 
> on the line". (i.e. the no-wrapping feature is documented so 
> we shouldn't break it).

Bloody hell there's a new feature I didn't know existed.

But I'm not suggesting we break this feature. Just that we change the
behaviour of the 'Fit text to curve' and that requires a trivial
documentation change.

> I have no problem with fit-text-to-curve doing the same thing 
> as the line. I just want some way to be able to get at the 
> old behaviour.
> I think I've found it - shift click and type.

Yep, I think so.

> However, I do think the ability to convert simple text (i.e.
> click and type) into column behaviour is very useful. Much 
> more useful than "don't autokern". If you want more button 
> bar space, making Bold and Italic double-decker would save 
> some. (about 1.5 buttons worth). Or the ability to convert to 
> a column (and possibly back - which is really turning 
> wrapping on and off) could be on the right-button context 
> menu like "reverse text on curves".

Yes. And I agree a 'wrap /unwrap' button is more useful than the
autokern one. But we need to add paragraph spacing field, perhaps some
style control fields, and probably a bunch more. We'll see when we get
around to that.