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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Landscape printing

The printer is taking a long to render these designs (~10-15 minutes for
the amurdove and fill types), XaraLX is printing them in ~5 seconds.

That's a bit odd. When you say "render" do you mean the start to the
end of a progress bar in LX? That's never taken me more than 20 seconds.
Or do you mean the time taken until first page out? That takes a fair
while if Ghostscript has lots of bitmaps to do, made worse by the fact
I'm not reading the printer's resolution and assuming 600dpi at the moment. If the printer is (say) 150dpi colour, that's 16 times as much work to do.

No, the printer is doing all the rendering work (it being PS based). This is probably why printing seems so slow. The printer is a HP Color LaserJet 4500, via JetDirect. Once XaraLX has finished printing processor usage drops to zero (but I imagine that the printers processor usage sticks at 100%).