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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Startup problems due to help


and by default
get the root location (e.g. "/usr/share/xaralx", or
"/usr/apps/xaralx", or "/opt/xaralx" or whatever) from the user

Ok, but that does assume that users won't have more than 1 version of LX
installed. The advantage of looking for resource files relative to the
running executable is that you can have 2 completely separate versions
of Xara LX on your machine with their own separate resources (ok, they'd
share preferences and other information under ~/.xaralx).

On Ubuntu an executable would install into /usr/bin. That is
the standard, it seems. IE we'd have /usr/bin/xaralx.
So where would you put your files then? That was my point.

You are quite right that (deliberately) Ubuntu makes it difficult
to install more than one version of the same program - that's
called an upgrade!

Ok, so we'll make it so that the location can be set at compile time. If
not set at compile time (the default) then we'll work out the location
relative to the executable, as currently.

I'm not sure that "relative to the executable" is ever going
to work with distros (or indeed in any environment other than with
the installer), but that's OK if you allow the compile-time override.
We'll just have to remember to tell distro maintainers to set it.

But however you find the "root path", what's below will work:
Are people happy with there being just 1 root directory under which all
Xara LX resource files (help, movies, examples, etc.) are stored? I much
prefer this for simplicity.