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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Startup problems due to help

Tobias Burnus wrote:

/usr/share/xaralx/doc into e.g. /usr/share/docs/xaralx. At least if a
Linux distribution builds an .rpm or .deb, they probably want to change
this. Thus it would be nice if they don't have to patch too many files.

I think those are different things. /usr/share/docs is docs about a
package. They aren't meant to be used from the package itself (I don't
think), and you are meant to be able to remove them. Further, they are
normally in plain text. /usr/share/xaralx/docs is a program resource
(help files) accessed from the program itself. If we want to put
something in /usr/share/docs then I'd suggest the Debian installer
  ln -sf /usr/share/xaralx/docs /usr/share/docs/xaralx

(or whatever)