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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Startup problems due to help

Luke Hart wrote:
Alex Bligh wrote:
I'm not sure that "relative to the executable" is ever going
to work with distros (or indeed in any environment other than with
the installer), but that's OK if you allow the compile-time override.
We'll just have to remember to tell distro maintainers to set it.
It does work if relative the executable means ../shared/......, that's the whole point of binreloc.

Yes, but it can't be clairvoyant. IE if the distro choses to put
the executable in /usr/bin/xaralx but the data in
/usr/shared/resources/xaralx, then it's not going to find it.

A more realistic example would be /opt installation.

I suppose I should have said "it's never going to work with distros
unless the relative path from the executable to the relevant
resources is guaranteed to be the same as we use to get autopackage
to work".