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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] 0.6 in Debian

> I uploaded XaraLX 0.6 to Debian yesterday, it will be available from a
> mirror near you after the next mirror push.


> I have ignored the bin/mplayer file for now, as the Movie code seemed
> disabled anyways (I found an #ifdef ENABLE_MOVIE and an ifdef
> EMABLE_MOVIE (sic!), but no define anywhere). But is bad practice to
> have binaries in source tarballs and probably violates the GPL to
> distribute that binary without the source. Would it be possible to
> the source tarball without that binary the next time?

We'll fix that ifdef and will make the source tarballs exclude any
binaries like this in future. As you noted, mplayer isn't actually used
currently as we're still researching the most reliable way to distribute
and play movies.

> I am also still waiting for the full GPL release, including CDraw, so
> that xaralx can enter the main Debian distribution instead of being
> in non-free.

Yes, it's in the plans. It will be great to get into the main Debian
distribution and we're well aware that that won't be possible until we
release CDraw as GPL.