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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Text formatting enhancements


Martin Wuerthner schrieb:
> The text tool now supports left, right, centre and decimal tab stops.
> To create a tab character in text, simply press the Tab key.
Looks really nice. Some comments:

- the decimal tab stop seems to align wrongly. If I type
I would expect that they are aligned at
but they seem to align at

- What I'd would like to see at some point is that also a comma (,) or a
middot (·) can be used as place where decimal tab stop aligns.

- Somehow using the right or middle button in the tab-stop area has the
same effect as a left-mouse down (but right/middle mouse up is ignored).

- I don't like the mouse cursor for dragging the tabstops (same as drag
horizontal guide lines). OpenOffice uses the normal mouse-arrow pointer,
which I think looks better. (The vertical-guidline-drag pointer would be
also look better in my point of view.)

- As an enhancement wish I'd like to see a vertical line while dragging
a tab stop thus one can easier see how much one needs to drag.