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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Text formatting enhancements

In message <44BB55ED.50407@xxxxxxxx>
          Tobias Burnus <burnus@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Martin Wuerthner schrieb:
>> The text tool now supports left, right, centre and decimal tab stops.
>> To create a tab character in text, simply press the Tab key.
> Looks really nice. Some comments:
> - the decimal tab stop seems to align wrongly. If I type
>  124.23
>  567
> I would expect that they are aligned at
>  124|.23
>  567|
> but they seem to align at
>  124.|23
>   567|

Good point. Yes, I think this is wrong. It should be easy to fix.

> - What I'd would like to see at some point is that also a comma (,) or a
> middot (·) can be used as place where decimal tab stop aligns.

Currently, the decimal point character that is appropriate for your 
locale is stored in the tab stop and saved with the document. There is 
no reason why there could not be a user interface to change the 
alignment character to anything else. Once we have a tab stops 
dialogue box that allows the positions to be set numerically, it will 
be easy to allow the alignment character to be set, too.

> - Somehow using the right or middle button in the tab-stop area has the
> same effect as a left-mouse down (but right/middle mouse up is ignored).

Thanks. Yes, that is wrong.

> - I don't like the mouse cursor for dragging the tabstops (same as drag
> horizontal guide lines). OpenOffice uses the normal mouse-arrow pointer,
> which I think looks better. (The vertical-guidline-drag pointer would be
> also look better in my point of view.)

That cursor is just a placeholder until someone comes up with 
something more appropriate (this is why I asked about a .cur file 
editor - apparently, that will require me to use Windows).

I think the cursor should simply be the tab stop graphic itself, maybe 
with arrows pointing left and right.

> - As an enhancement wish I'd like to see a vertical line while dragging
> a tab stop thus one can easier see how much one needs to drag.

Yes, good point. Currently, that line is only displayed while the 
mouse pointer is over the document canvas. Having some indication will 
be useful to show the user whether the position is snapped or locked 
to the grid.