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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] XCode project

Hi Tudor,

Can you give us some examples of the symbols that have multiple

How many separate targets do you have and do they all use camtypes.h?
(wxXtra shouldn't use camtypes.h.)


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> Hi all,
> Trying to build an XCode project I had a problem with 
> build-resources.pl. I get an error  "Failed to combine 
> dialogs (-1): No such file or directory at build-resources.pl 
> line 373." when running the script. I need to generate 
> svnversion.h. I skipped this step for now but maybe I will 
> need that after solving the other problems.
> Right now I have a bigger problem when linking. I get many 
> "multiple definitions of symbol" warnings. It seems that the 
> definitions are in the same place and I don't know why the 
> linker send this error. It may be from the precompiled 
> headers I think. If anyone had this problem.. 
> please tell me.
> Regards, Tudor