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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] XCode project

Hi Tudor,

WebPrefsDlgParam redefinition means that you've got both webparam.cpp/h
and webprefs.cpp/h in the build. Only webparam.cpp should be a member of
the target at the moment because webprefs.cpp hasn't yet been ported

For your other clashing definitions find out which source files contain
those definitions then look at the makefile.am files to see which of
them is not included in the command line build and uncheck that file's
target membership in xcode.


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> Hi Phil,
> Now I have 3 targets: wxXtra,  XaraLX (contains all the other 
> files) and All (witch should build both wxXtra and XaraLX).
> wxXtra is compiling and linking without errors and generate 
> libwxXtra.a. 
> wxXtra don't have any reference to camtypes.h The errors 
> occur when linking XaraLX.
> The first warning from the list was for 
> "WebPrefsDlgParam::WebPrefsDlgParam" symbol.
> I don't have the exact message because right now I'm building 
> without precompiled headers and it's taking some time...
> Tudor
> Phil Martin wrote:
> >Hi Tudor,
> >
> >Can you give us some examples of the symbols that have multiple 
> >definitions?
> >
> >How many separate targets do you have and do they all use camtypes.h?
> >(wxXtra shouldn't use camtypes.h.)
> >
> >Phil
> >  
> >