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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Text margin support


Martin Wuerthner wrote:
> Find attached below a patch to enable margin support for text objects. 
> The left margin, first indent and right margin markers as displayed in 
> the ruler can be dragged. This finally allows hanging indents, 
> bulleted lists, etc.
(Is it only me who finds the first-line-indent and the right-margin
symbol too inconspicuous? It could really be a bit bigger.)

May I pose a "small" feature wish? It would be nice if one could move
the first-line indent and the left margin simultaneously, e.g. when
pressing ctrl and dragging either. That way one could change the margin
without affecting the amount of indention.

OpenOffice's marker does:
v    <------ drag indent
^    <------ drag both, unless Ctrl is pressed, then drag only margin

Microsoft Word allows this with a left-margin marker which looks like:
v     <--- drag indent
^     <--- drag margin
#    <--- drag both

> In particular, the tab dragging cursor is now the correct way round: It has arrows pointing 
> left and right and a vertical line to allow precise positioning (it is 
> simply a copy of the vertical guideline dragging cursor).