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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Text margin support

In message <44BDFC28.4060809@xxxxxxxx>
          Tobias Burnus <burnus@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Martin Wuerthner wrote:
>> Find attached below a patch to enable margin support for text objects.
>> The left margin, first indent and right margin markers as displayed in
>> the ruler can be dragged. This finally allows hanging indents,
>> bulleted lists, etc.
> Great!
> (Is it only me who finds the first-line-indent and the right-margin
> symbol too inconspicuous? It could really be a bit bigger.)

Well, everyone is welcome to create new ones. As I mentioned before, 
the current graphics are by no means final. They are mainly there so 
that the code can be tested.

Anyone designing new graphics please note that each markers is always 
displayed centered around its position, so the marker should have an 
odd number of pixel columns and if the significant position is not in 
the centre (as it happens for the margin markers), then enough 
transparent pixel columns have to be added to make sure it is. The 
bottom of the graphic is aligned with the bottom of the ruler. To move 
the marker up (e.g., the first indent marker) add transparent pixel 
rows at the bottom.

> May I pose a "small" feature wish? It would be nice if one could move
> the first-line indent and the left margin simultaneously, e.g. when
> pressing ctrl and dragging either. That way one could change the margin
> without affecting the amount of indention.

Yes, good point. I wanted to add that but forgot.

> OpenOffice's marker does:
> v    <------ drag indent
> ^    <------ drag both, unless Ctrl is pressed, then drag only margin
> Microsoft Word allows this with a left-margin marker which looks like:
> v     <--- drag indent
> ^     <--- drag margin
> #    <--- drag both

I think the OpenOffice approach makes more sense in our case because 
we do not have the space to display an additional "drag both" marker 
and XaraLX uses modifier keys for drags already.