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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Re: Popup slider

Yes you maybe right. I'll play with the new tweak once it's built.
Perhaps it's all irrelevant anyway once we get Mac-like working.


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> --On 25 July 2006 10:08 +0100 Charles Moir <CharlesM@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Ah OK. I didn't check the original spec. Sorry about that.  
> > Interesting that you find that behaviour annoying, because 
> I find the 
> > current behaviour mildly annoying - that it goes away too 
> easily.  I 
> > guess I need to play with it the other way to find out.
> It's in r1518, so it'll be in the 12pm build, so available an 
> hour or two later.
> > Perhaps a half way house is that it stays up if the pointer remains 
> > over it. So you still get the ability to drag and release - see 
> > whether you like it or not, drag some more, without having the hold 
> > the mouse down all the time.  Would that be easy?
> I'll leave Mart to comment on whether it would be /easy/, but 
> I don't think it would be /good/. I think you are saying it 
> should disappear if the mouse goes out the window ONLY after 
> the first adjustment - that's a bit inconsistent. As the 
> mouse pointer starts outside the window in the first place, 
> it would be difficult to do otherwise if you are going to do 
> a simple "window leaving" test. The window is quite thin and 
> it's easy to allow the mouse pointer out. A better test would 
> probably be something like "once it has entered the window, 
> close the window if the pointer leaves it for more than half 
> a second without any button held down". But...
> > Having said all that I tend to use these things the Mac way - 
> > click-drag-release, as that's fewest clicks.
> ... well me too. Personally I think we should try and make 
> them work as much like the combo boxes as possible - that 
> gives a consistent UI.
> That is (in essence) your first idea; I can live with the 
> second. I don't think we should invent yet another pop-up 
> mechanism unless we need to. The simple answer to people who 
> say "it's clunky" (if it
> is) is "use the Mac way then" (once Mart has written it...).
> Alex