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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Re: Popup slider

--On 25 July 2006 10:08 +0100 Charles Moir <CharlesM@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Ah OK. I didn't check the original spec. Sorry about that.  Interesting
that you find that behaviour annoying, because I find the current
behaviour mildly annoying - that it goes away too easily.  I guess I
need to play with it the other way to find out.

It's in r1518, so it'll be in the 12pm build, so available an hour or
two later.

Perhaps a half way house is that it stays up if the pointer remains over
it. So you still get the ability to drag and release - see whether you
like it or not, drag some more, without having the hold the mouse down
all the time.  Would that be easy?

I'll leave Mart to comment on whether it would be /easy/, but I don't think
it would be /good/. I think you are saying it should disappear if the mouse
goes out the window ONLY after the first adjustment - that's a bit
inconsistent. As the mouse pointer starts outside the window in the first
place, it would be difficult to do otherwise if you are going to do a
simple "window leaving" test. The window is quite thin and it's easy to
allow the mouse pointer out. A better test would probably be something like
"once it has entered the window, close the window if the pointer leaves it
for more than half a second without any button held down". But...

Having said all that I tend to use these things the Mac way -
click-drag-release, as that's fewest clicks.

... well me too. Personally I think we should try and make them work
as much like the combo boxes as possible - that gives a consistent UI.
That is (in essence) your first idea; I can live with the second. I
don't think we should invent yet another pop-up mechanism unless we
need to. The simple answer to people who say "it's clunky" (if it
is) is "use the Mac way then" (once Mart has written it...).