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[XaraXtreme-dev] Pop-up slider - more

OK so the new build has the pop-up and stays up until you click anywhere
else. I sort of prefer this in some ways - except that the next click is
absorbed and lost. So this makes it really unusable.

E.g. you click to adjust feather, and now, not matter what you're next
operation (other than adjusting feather again) it won't work. You have
to have two attempts because the first click is lost (presumably taken
by the pop-up slider to hide itself and not propagated around as a
normal click).

So that's just not right at all.

So to really test whether this 'stay-around' mode really works we must
fix that. Or, given then 0.7 deadline, that we revert back to the pop-up
and go-away on the mouse-up on the slider. I'd sort of like to give the
Adobe way a go actually.


PS The new border look is a huge improvement. Looks great now.