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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Pop-up slider - more

So to really test whether this 'stay-around' mode really works we must
fix that. Or, given then 0.7 deadline, that we revert back to the pop-up
and go-away on the mouse-up on the slider. I'd sort of like to give the
Adobe way a go actually.

I'll leave Mart to say whether he can fix that, or revert
the one line change, but for maximum (minimum?) amusement value, read:
where we have a dedicated bunch of users who don't want a pop-up
slider at all! (i.e. they like the old Xara LX interface).

As it happens the "feather bar" still has the old control on,
so they can get their way. Equally, once bars are reconfigurable
we can provide both sorts of control I should think.

Personally I think their concerns will mostly be addressed when the
Mac-mode stuff is available in any case.