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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Pop-up slider - more

On Wed, 2006-07-26 at 00:50 +0100, Charles Moir wrote:
> Mart said:
> > It is very hard to hack around the native behaviour, given a 
> > time constraint. I would have to go to the lowest X11 levels 
> > to forward mouse clicks, or change the fundamentals of how 
> > wxTransientPopupWindow, wxComboCtrl and wxComboPopup work ....
> I'm sort of surprised by that because isn't that how menus, or even
> other transient pop-ups behave. i.e. they stay on screen until a click
> outside them, they then go away, but the click is not lost.

The click is lost by every popup menu I know of. For example select the
file menu, get the long list of menu items and click on some tool far
right on the toolbars - the click is consumed for the popup dismissing,
and the tool action isn't performed. This is the case in every GNOME
application (their Human Interface Guidelines cover it, I think), and as
far I remember also on Windows.

There are several reasons for this, both technical and usability.

For example, if I can't click controls that are below the popup (e.g, a
big menu popup), why am I able to click others?

If the popup allows other controls to work with the mouse, how can it be
sure that some other control doesn't grab complete control of the mouse
if the popup itself doesn't do it?

> > Is there anything else that should be getting into the 
> > release from my side, considering the time available for it? 
> Can you do the revert back to the hide-after-the-drag as it was
> originally? I think Alex is not around tomorrow.

Don't have access personally.

> > The borders seem to work now :)
> Yep, nice.
> > ..is the current width of the popup wide enough?
> For now it's fine. How many pixels is it actually?

120 pixels from left border to right border, borders included.

> For other sliders I
> know we will have a requirement for them to be 256 pixels wide, but this
> one is OK for now.


> > I have some specific use cases that I don't know how 
> > to properly handle in Mac-mode, but I'll get to those 
> > together with process on the Mac mode.
> OK. Given the comments by users that we have a gone a step backwards
> (another click being necessary) it would be good to get the Mac-like
> behaviour in there as well.

Certainly :)