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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Pop-up slider - more

Mart said:
> It is very hard to hack around the native behaviour, given a 
> time constraint. I would have to go to the lowest X11 levels 
> to forward mouse clicks, or change the fundamentals of how 
> wxTransientPopupWindow, wxComboCtrl and wxComboPopup work ....

I'm sort of surprised by that because isn't that how menus, or even
other transient pop-ups behave. i.e. they stay on screen until a click
outside them, they then go away, but the click is not lost.

> Is there anything else that should be getting into the 
> release from my side, considering the time available for it? 
Can you do the revert back to the hide-after-the-drag as it was
originally? I think Alex is not around tomorrow.

> The borders seem to work now :)
Yep, nice.

> ..is the current width of the popup wide enough?

For now it's fine. How many pixels is it actually?  For other sliders I
know we will have a requirement for them to be 256 pixels wide, but this
one is OK for now.

> I have some specific use cases that I don't know how 
> to properly handle in Mac-mode, but I'll get to those 
> together with process on the Mac mode.

OK. Given the comments by users that we have a gone a step backwards
(another click being necessary) it would be good to get the Mac-like
behaviour in there as well.