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[XaraXtreme-dev] File type associations

The latest autopackage on the web site is setup to install MIME types and file associations for .xar and .web, using the facilities provided by autopackage for this. Please can people try it and email the list to let us know if it works or not and on which distributions. Please include version of distribution and desktop used.


I’ve tried it without success on my FC4 and Ubuntu systems but some other people have reported that it works. I’m assuming I should be able to double-click on a XAR file on the desktop or in the file browser and Xara LX should open the file. One of the guys at autopackage has checked what we’re doing – he says it’s fine and that our package works for him.


Ideally we should also be showing the LX icon for these files, but I believe the current release version of autopackage doesn’t support that yet.