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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Current/default font

I carried out the single-text-story-times-new-roman test before I made
that assertion, viewing the resulting file in our Debug file format
viewer dialog.

(Using my local Xtreme 3.0 development version.)


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> Martin,
> You are premising your argument re the default attributes on 
> the following two assumptions:
> 1. That the default attribute is and will always be Times New Roman
>     even if it isn't installed
> 2. That the behaviour Phil describes whereby an attribute is
>     saved (not 'is in tree outside the default attribute
>     set', but 'saved') even when then the object is in the font
>     used in the default attributes is a bug.
> (1) is begging the question - IE you are basing your argument 
> on an assumption which we are arguing is incorrect. I don't 
> see why it's a good idea to have a default attribute which is 
> in a font which may not be installed? Perhaps I'm missing 
> something here.
> (2) I understood to be deliberate, rather than a bug. 
> Precisely so that documents do not rely on the default font 
> attribute and so it can be changed.
> There's an easy way to settle this, which is to save a 
> document with a single text story in times new roman (the 
> default attribute).
> If it has a font attribute of any sort in the /file/ then 
> there is no danger in changing the default attributes. Yes? 
> As then if we change them to the appropriate substitution, 
> and use just that in a document, the file will also (I 
> presume) save that out as an attribute, yes? If, on the other 
> hand, these two tests don't work, and NO font attribute is 
> saved in the file, then Phil is wrong, you are right, and we 
> can't change default attributes which means we will have to 
> live with the situation where the default attribute can 
> represent an uninstalled font.
> Alex