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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Current/default font

This appears to be because the font handle member of the attribute is
different to the default one.  The default has a value of 0 and the one
applied to the story has the value 2.  Presumably this causes the
equality check to fail and the attribute is not removed.  Exactly what
this member does I'm not sure but I suspect that it shouldn't actually
take part in the equality test.


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I carried out the single-text-story-times-new-roman test before I made
that assertion, viewing the resulting file in our Debug file format
viewer dialog.

(Using my local Xtreme 3.0 development version.)


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> Martin,
> You are premising your argument re the default attributes on 
> the following two assumptions:
> 1. That the default attribute is and will always be Times New Roman
>     even if it isn't installed
> 2. That the behaviour Phil describes whereby an attribute is
>     saved (not 'is in tree outside the default attribute
>     set', but 'saved') even when then the object is in the font
>     used in the default attributes is a bug.
> (1) is begging the question - IE you are basing your argument 
> on an assumption which we are arguing is incorrect. I don't 
> see why it's a good idea to have a default attribute which is 
> in a font which may not be installed? Perhaps I'm missing 
> something here.
> (2) I understood to be deliberate, rather than a bug. 
> Precisely so that documents do not rely on the default font 
> attribute and so it can be changed.
> There's an easy way to settle this, which is to save a 
> document with a single text story in times new roman (the 
> default attribute).
> If it has a font attribute of any sort in the /file/ then 
> there is no danger in changing the default attributes. Yes? 
> As then if we change them to the appropriate substitution, 
> and use just that in a document, the file will also (I 
> presume) save that out as an attribute, yes? If, on the other 
> hand, these two tests don't work, and NO font attribute is 
> saved in the file, then Phil is wrong, you are right, and we 
> can't change default attributes which means we will have to 
> live with the situation where the default attribute can 
> represent an uninstalled font.
> Alex