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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Further direction/Roadmap

Charles Moir wrote:
No PDF export in FOSS? Wonder how Scribus does it, gets away with it?

It's just that our PDF export feature in Xara Xtreme uses a library that
is licensed from a third party company that can't be open sourced. That
doesn't mean there won't or can't be other PDF export replacements and
we hope there will. Perhaps we'll do it via Cairo, or perhaps someone
else can do this (we'd get two feature in one go - Cairo and PDF).

PDF is important for the FOSS version and so we'd be very happy to see a
replacement PDF export filter done.  It doesn't need to be as capable as
our existing one, but just having any PDF export would be very good.

(I tried to cooperate with Inkscape on producing a combined PDF export
that we could both use, but they were not interested, so we have to
replicate the work I'm afraid).
The Scribus team might be easier to work with... their PDF export seems robust. They stated that they intend to code an import filter for .xra files.