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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Bug With Typefaces

Martin Wuerthner wrote:
OK, so you mean you do not see any fonts other than Times and Arial rendered in existing files as Frank reported? Your bug report was about something rather different (applying fonts) and it seemed to suggest that you do see the text in the new font after applying it.

Ah. Confusion reigns. I was reported Frank's bug as he noted in
the forums which also had a font change in. I was suspecting the lockup
he saw was the same issue.

If there are .xar files with fonts in that don't load, we need
a copy of them. Frank - could you file a separate bug please
  at http://bugzilla.xara.com,
and do what Martin asks re gdb. A fuller explanation is below:
$ gdb /path/to/xaralx
(in gdb)
(do your stuff, wait till it hangs, switch back to gdb window)
  [hit Control-C]
  [select text with cursor]
  [right click, copy]
  paste result into bugzilla.

I note that Luke just fixed something re loading UTF-16 from
Xar files. I wonder if font-names or text were so encoded.