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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] Re: SVG import

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> Sent: 03 August 2006 01:02
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> Subject: [XaraXtreme-dev] Re: SVG import
> Neil Howe wrote:
> > One issue I notice is that designs seem to be imported above and to 
> > the right of the current view. So if you are 'zoomed to 
> page' and you 
> > import SVG it appears somewhere to the right of and above the page, 
> > almost out of view. Whereas if you import a PNG (for example) it 
> > appears in the middle of the view. Gerry - do you think 
> this a problem 
> > with the filter or with Xara LX?
> >
> I noticed this also.  Oddly enough, if you convert the SVG 
> document by command line to XAR and you open it, the geometry 
> (boundings) appears correct, but if you import it into an 
> existing document, it will not be centered into the view.
> Maybe there is some wrong value in the generated XAR header, 
> I'll investigate more into this.

This could be a problem with the Viewport record (TAG_VIEWPORT) which is
used by the importer to find the centre of the imported XAR file and
translate it into the centre of the current view.