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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] 0.7


Neil Howe wrote:
We're now left with 2 P1s we'd like to fix for 0.7.

Options pane scrolls (icons hidden)
Gids, can you try and determine the revision number at which this
problem appeared using the old tar archives please.

I can probably find some time to look at this tonight, but any
help from Gids narrowing it down to a particular revision
number would be useful. I've looked at the diffs between
the two closest revisions listed in the bugs and can't see
anything that would cause this. It's possible it's a
build-server change (e.g. wxWidget version changes) but it
would be great to get it down to a single revision that
causes the problem.

binreloc mechanism not working
Any chance you could look at this Alex?

Assuming this really is a binreloc failure (and nothing
to do with autopackage) I can look at that too.

However, I notice Tobias Burnus says it works for him.
Have we got a definitive way to duplicate this?