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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] 0.7

binreloc mechanism not working
Any chance you could look at this Alex?

Actually I bet I know why this is.

Camelot ONLY uses the binreloc path if one of
the following are true:
* It's the first ever launch
* No path is stored in the preferences
* The path in the preferences does not exist

But then when you quit camelot, the path is
saved in the preferences. So if you run
once, where the shared directory exists
(but the filters are absent), this fact
will be recorded in your preferences,
and it will use that path for ever more
(until you delete your preferences, or
remove the directory concerned).

I think this logic is slightly broken. The
path in the preferences should be a MANUAL
override. If it is there, fine, it should
use it. But once it has found something on
disk, it should not SAVE that path in the
preferences. There's no way to alter this
preference through the UI so this does
not make sense.

Neil - can you confirm deleting your
preferences makes this work? If so, I
know how to fix this very simply.