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[XaraXtreme-dev] setup.h and configuring wxWidgets (was Re: BLUECAR.xar)

On 12/08/06, Alex Bligh <alex@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Ben Fowler wrote:
> On 12/08/06, Phil Martin <Phil@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I still don't think you should be editing setup.h in wxWidgets ...
> .... I am not certain that there is an
> absolute prohibition against editing it.

The view of the wx Mac developers I spoke to on IRC between my
two contradictory posts was this:
* EITHER use ./configure, from the command line, and pass the
   appropriate parameters; you can still use X-Code (apparently)
   for editing source files, but it should be made to build just
   be executing "make".

I think that I have used the EITHER fork of this pair. Of course, once
the libraries are built, one doesn't change them very often.

* OR use an X-Code and an X-Code project. The X-Code project is
   [not] build by bakefile at the moment, though some people had a go
   at doing this, but never finished it. So it gets out of
   date occasionally (especially on 2.7) but should work on 2.6.
   You will however have to edit setup.h manually.

1. Do you want us to be using wxWidget-2.7 or wxWidgets-CVS? Whilst
there are certainly some advantages to getting bugs out of one's
important libraries, it is nearly always essential in a multi-person
project to stay a little way back from the 'bleeding edge'. In fact,
if I could, I would try to build against wxWidgets 2.5

2. I think that I have used this technique, many weeks ago (so I know
that it works), but did see any value in it to me.

3. I do think that eventually we need to push this technique as it may
be essential for the 'one step build', but it is  more important that
we follow Christian's lead in this.

* Do not mix the two methods.

I think that I have made that mistake at some point in the past!

The advantage of the X-Code project mechanism is that it is far
easier to build a universal binary that way.

So at some point Official builds will have to be made using the XCode
project mechanism.

Logically, if 'first timers' need the XCode project for the 'one step'
advantage and 'Official builders' need it for UB support then this
mechanism ought to be given some sort of priority. I have to admit
that the convenience advantage of the command line methods to someone
working on just their own part of the project had rather blinded me to

(note the above applies to how wxWidgets is built, not how
Xtreme is built; however, it should be just as easy to build
Xtreme using ./configure ; make).

Whilst I do build the xaralx binary using 'make', and move it into its
bundle using 'mv' so that I can start 'gdb' from the command line,
building using XCode is just as easy

Note the link you provided was quite old.

Sorry - but I thought that it was helpful.

Caveat: I haven't actually tried any of this...

It all looks right to me, mind.