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BLUECAR.xar (was Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] Mac Developer - good news)

On 12/08/06, Phil Martin <Phil@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Christian,

I still don't think you should be editing setup.h in wxWidgets ...

See http://www.wxwidgets.org/wiki/index.php/Setup.H and
. It is certainly true that 'setup.h' is created during the building
of the wxWidgets libraries; but I am not certain that there is an
absolute prohibition against editing it. I strongly suspect that the
compilation and configuration of the client code (XaraLX) and the
wxWidgets libraries need to have an identical 'wx/setup.h'. I would
venture that requiring a dev to edit this file would be adding a step
that could cause most to stumble, and I would not advise it, but if it
proves necessary, at least for Official builds, then it might be
perfectly practical.


Can you load in designs/BLUECAR.xar successfully? If so, please email us
a screen shot.

This should indeed load; and I think that I have seen the colour
effect working as well.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: owner-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> This is the daily status regarding XaraLX XCode project.
> First I want to say that I successfully completed to compile
> and run for the first time XaraLX XCode project.
> The menus are working, you can select tools but it crashes
> when trying to load a project.
> Also when starting the application I get an error that could
> not find ImageMagic 6.0.0.
> For this I built wxWidgets using terminal make files:
> ../configure --enable-monolithic --disable-shared
> --enable-unicode --enable-postscript --enable-debug-flag
> --enable-precomp-headers and had the wx_macud-2.6.a library
> as the result.
> Then when building XaraLX I received: undefined symbols wxUSE_HOTKEY.
> For this I again configure wxWidgets and then I set the value
> of wxUSE_HOTKEY to 1 in
> "wxMac-2.6.3/osx-build/lib/wx/include/mac-unicode-debug-static
> -2.6/wx/setup.h"
> .
> After that I ran make again for wxWidgets and then built
> XaraLX project.