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Re: [XaraXtreme-dev] [Fwd: Bug#382658: xaralx: Unusable on powerpc (two errors : "Error from Xara Xtreme" and "Load failed")]

On 12/08/06, Joachim Breitner <nomeata@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Xara-Team,

Please keep 382658@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in the CC.
It's impossible to create or open a document.

These two errors occurs when launching xaralx :

- First dialog box : "Error from Xara Xtreme", with an empty
  description ;

- Second dialog box : "Load failed", "This is an early demonstration
  version of the program which does not yet support all of the data
  types that can appear in XAR designs."

The same errors occurs when :

- trying to create a new document ;
- trying to open a document (example in the documentation).

I certainly can't get Xara LX to work on LinuxPPC (Gentoo). Your
second dialog corresponds to the message issued when trying to open a
document that contains a PNG graphic (possibly an endian issue). Your
first error could be being produced by the program trying (and
failing) to open a new untitled (default) document.

You might be able to open some simple designs such as 'BLUECAR.xar'.

I am not in a position to acknowledge the defect, nor to say that Xara
LX 0.6 is not qualified on PPC, but I am not surprised by your report.