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Re: Bug#382658: [XaraXtreme-dev] [Fwd: Bug#382658: xaralx: Unusable on powerpc (two errors : "Error from Xara Xtreme" and "Load failed")]


Phil Martin wrote:
I see a small improvement in my Mac OS PPC build - two less warnings
about bad values  in grid settings. But colours

This /may/ be because Mac (whether little endian or bigendian)
has a different byte ordering for the guns on the internal bitmap.
IE the endianness stuff we have been doing gets it right as far
as TBGR and RGBT are concerned, but we still have to consider
TBGR vs. TRGB. If there is a difference here, now we have decided
that the internal representation of bitmaps shall always be in
DIB format, we need to swap them in grndrgn.cpp (at the PlotBitmap

> and general reliability are not improved

I expect this is not an endian issue but an OS issue.

Aside from my comment about ppc linux earlier, it would be interesting
to know how a littlendian (intel) mac performs.