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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] "Unassigned new" bugs

> Neil,
> We have 70 bugs in "Unassigned new".
> Fancy doling them out and reprioritizing them, and/or asking the
> for more info where they aren't reproducible? I've been through a few
> them. I reckon about 90% of them are valid.

Is it a problem that they are 'unassigned new'?

They're available for any new developers to look at, who want to get
involved in the project. So I don't want to assign them all to named
individuals in case that will put off other developers from picking them

Please do assign to yourself any that you fancy looking at. We should
assume that those bugs not assigned to anyone in particular are not
currently being worked on and so can be picked up by anyone.

Luke is looking at movie issues again currently (he'll mail the list
about this soon). Then he'll be working his way through a lot of the P2s
in Bugzilla.