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RE: [XaraXtreme-dev] "Unassigned new" bugs

--On 15 August 2006 18:06 +0100 Neil Howe <NeilH@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Is it a problem that they are 'unassigned new'?

They're available for any new developers to look at, who want to get
involved in the project. So I don't want to assign them all to named
individuals in case that will put off other developers from picking them

Only that I'm sure there are some on that list that it does make
sense for particular people to look at. For instance, I thought Luke
was looking at key handling problems and mouse pointer problems.

I've already taken the ones from that list I thought I could fix.

I'm partly keen to make sure the reporter of the bug gets *something*
back (i.e. "yes we can see that's an issue"), and that they get sensibly
prioritized (else your "new developer" has no idea what's important).
I agree these could both be accomplished without assigning them.