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[XaraXtreme-dev] Re: Bitmap dropdowns


I have applied your bitmap dropdown patches but due to lack of time
here, not tested extensively.

A couple of comments:
* Please don't use dynamic_cast<>. Please either use wx RTTI
  (i.e. ->IsKindOf(CLASSINFO()) ) if the object is derived from
  wxObject, or camelot RTTI (i.e. ->IsKindOf(CC_RUNTIME_CLASS()) )
  if it's derived from CCObject. Particularly in a wxXtra file
  where not all compilers for all platforms support
  dynamic_cast<> (some apparently turn it off to save space).

* I think the aspect ratio of the bitmaps when in the field of
  the dropdown should probably be preserved, particularly for
  strokes. Perhaps we should have a style flag to control this.

Perhaps I could ask people to have a go at testing them. Looks
like we will need library galleries to get the more exciting
stroke items in.